A Journey Through the Safety and Risks of Acupuncture and Common Misconceptions

Acupuncture, a time-honoured practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, is a journey of healing and self-discovery. It’s a path that invites you to engage with your body in a new way, using slender needles as guides to stimulate specific points on your body’s landscape. It is an increasingly popular alternative medicine choice for many. Often …

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Find Relief from Tennis Elbow Pain with Acupuncture in Melbourne

Acupuncture For Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a painful condition that affects many people who engage in repetitive movements of the arm and wrist. The pain can be debilitating, affecting one’s ability to perform daily tasks and participate in sports activities. While traditional treatments such as rest and medication have been effective, there is growing interest in …

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Combat Hayfever with Acupuncture Treatments in Melbourne

Hayfever Relief With Acupuncture And Chinese Herbs

Allergic rhinitis, commonly known as hayfever, is a common condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. Although various conventional treatments can provide relief for allergic rhinitis symptoms, these treatments often come with adverse side effects, may not be suitable for long-term use, and can be costly. As a result, many individuals are turning to alternative …

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Chronic Migraine Relief with Acupuncture in Melbourne

Acupuncture For Migraine Relief

Migraine is a common neurological condition that can have a significant impact on quality of life. Traditional headache treatments may not always work, leading individuals to seek alternative options like acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Frequent migraines can cause physical limitations, emotional distress, work and productivity issues, sleep disturbances, social isolation, and lowered appetite. In Australia, 15% of the population suffers from migraines, with women being more affected than men. Risk factors include genetics, age, and gender. Learn more about the common causes of migraines.

Where are the acupuncture points?

Where Are The Acupuncture Points

What are the acupuncture points? In the classical texts the acupuncture points are described as places where the spirit Qi moves, enters and exits, where the Qi and Blood of the channel flow in and out. They are locations where the pathogenic Qi gathers and the Yang Qi enters. They are “not the same as …

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Self Responsibility and Chinese Medicine


In life we have the choice to accept that we are 100% responsible for our life. To do this requires elements of self awareness and fortitude. In this post I intend to explore what elements of our being are at play from the Zang Fu perspective of Chinese Medicine. What does it mean to be …

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What is Chinese Medicine?

What is Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine includes the modalities of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, dietary and exercise therapy. It offers a holistic and drug-free approach to managing men’s and women’s health. Chinese Medicine is not only a stand-alone system but also works very well alongside Western medicine and other modalities. More accurately though it is called East …

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How much does acupuncture cost in Australia?

Acupuncture Cost Australia

In late 2019, I conducted a voluntary survey of acupuncturists to answer the question of how much acupuncture costs in Australia. 205 responses were received, which is around 4% of registered practitioners with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. Just under 75% of acupuncturists report the cost of ongoing consultations within the range of $70-100. …

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What is Acupuncture? [All Your Questions Answered]


Acupuncture is a little weird right? Someone sticks a bunch of needles in you and that makes you feel better. How is that even possible? Learn about acupuncture as you follow this conversation between Qi Bo and Huang Di. These two characters from one of our most ancient medical manuscripts, the Huang Di Nei Jing, …

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What is Chinese Herbal Medicine [FAQ]

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are just sticks, leaves and a bit of dirt thrown into water right? Kinda like a toddler makes in the mud! How is that healthy? Learn about Chinese Herbal Medicine as you follow this conversation between Qi Bo and Huang Di. These two characters from one of our most ancient medical manuscripts, the …

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What is Gua Sha Therapy? [A Simple Guide]

Gua Sha

Gua Sha? Spooning? Scraping? Is it a hippy love thing or sadistic torture? This deep scraping therapy helps with pain and is used for common colds? You are going to ask me about strapless backed dresses? What?! Learn about Gua Sha as you follow this conversation between Qi Bo and Huang Di. These two characters …

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What is Moxibustion? [A Simple Guide]


Moxibustion is witchcraft, right? Burning some mystical herb is supposed to help heal the body? Waving a moxibustion stick over the skin makes me feel better? OK then! Learn about moxibustion as you follow this conversation between Qi Bo and Huang Di. These two characters from one of our most ancient medical manuscripts, the Huang …

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What Types of Cupping Are There?


To explore the different types of cupping, one must consider the different methods in which cups are applied and how they are used once attached. What are the different methods of cupping therapy? In cupping therapy there are three methods commonly used by cupping therapists: Fire cupping Pump cups Rubber (silicone) cups Cups can be …

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What is Cupping Therapy? Benefits & More


Cupping sounds a little medieval right? There will be fire, cups, dark marks that look like the aftermath of an octopus attack. And then the pain will decrease and function increase? Hmmmmm. Learn about cupping therapy as you follow this conversation between Qi Bo and Huang Di. These two characters from one of our most …

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How many acupuncture treatments are needed to see results?

Acupuncture Dosage

One of the first questions asked when considering acupuncture as a treatment option is ‘how many acupuncture treatments are needed for insomnia/sciatica/anxiety/etc.’ It is difficult to answer exactly how many acupuncture sessions are needed as it differs on a case by case basis. The full picture of one’s health and the nature of the issue …

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Neck Pain Treatment with Acupuncture, Does it Work?

Does Acupuncture Help Neck Pain

Are you looking for neck pain treatment in Brunswick, Melbourne? Acupuncture is a natural health care option for the treatment of neck pain. At Dantian Health, acupuncture is often combined with other tools of East Asian Medicine for the relief of neck pain. These include massage, moxibustion, gua sha or cupping. All these approaches offer …

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Back Pain Treatment with Acupuncture, Does it Work?

Acupuncuture for Back Pain

Are you looking for back pain treatment in Melbourne to help you return to an active, pain-free and healthy life? Acupuncture is a natural health care option for the treatment of back pain to help you restore movement to your muscles and maintain healthy joints. At Dantian Health, acupuncture is often combined with other tools …

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Introduction to Zang Fu organ theory

Zang Fu Organs

The ancient theory of zang-fu organ systems goes beyond just organs. It’s a dynamic system intricately linked to the five phases of transformation and the flow of vital substances. Each organ system has its own role to play in the grand scheme of things. They’re like cogs in a machine, each with their own unique …

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What are the five elements in Chinese Medicine?

Five Elements in Chinese Medicine

The Wu Xing, commonly known as the Five Elements are phases of movement or change. They describe stages of the constantly moving cycle between Yin and Yang. The Five Elements include Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

What is tongue diagnosis in Chinese Medicine?

Tongue diagnosis

For a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, tongue diagnosis is a fundamental diagnostic tool. The tongue reflects the material state of our body. Especially we can check the condition of blood and body fluids. It reveals information about the chronicity and severity of a particular pathology. We take the findings from the diagnosis of the tongue …

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How to take Chinese herbs as granules – a quick guide

How to prepare Chinese granules

This article is to help guide you in how to take Chinese herbs when prescribed in granule form. Some of these tips are also applicable to Chinese raw herb formulations. At Dantian Health Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic in Melbourne I prescribed herbal formulas in granulated form. Granulated herbs are first decocted to extract their active …

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How to Choose a Good Acupuncturist: What You Need to Know

How to Choose an Acupuncturist

So you have decided that acupuncture is for you! Amazing! Now how to find a reputable acupuncturist? What are the essential criteria to consider in choosing from potential acupuncturists? Where do you look to find the best acupuncturist in Melbourne (or where ever you live)? Here are some considerations on how to choose an acupuncturist …

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How to Review an Acupuncturist

Acupuncture review

From time to time I am asked if someone can leave a review for me. I most certainly appreciate the gesture, and reviews helps me gain exposure to people looking to find the best acupuncturist for their healthcare. But as an AHPRA registered professional, there are certain guidelines that must be abided by. To this end, …

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How to prevent flu symptoms with Chinese medicine

Prevent flu symptoms

It is that time of year again when talk of the impending flu season surrounds us. We are told to take precautionary measures to protect ourselves and prevent flu symptoms. The media becomes filled with horror stories and fear campaigns, implying that the only way to stay alive and healthy is to be vaccinated against …

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Shimamura Sensei acupuncture training

Shimamura Sensei blind acupuncture treatment

In late February I took a week out of the clinic, flying to Brisbane. This was to partake in the final of 4 seminars with Shimamura Sensei. I have been following his teachings for the past 4 years, and this was the culmination of that study. Shimamura Sensei was the last disciple of Master Nagano …

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Tian Lineage® herbal medicine and the ICEAM

Tian Lineage Herbal Medicine

The Tian Lineage® is a family lineage of herbal practitioners from China. Traditionally these family secrets have only been passed down to a few select disciples who would spend many years working with their teacher to gain insight into their knowledge and style of practice. used Arnaud Versluys is one of the few senior lineage …

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Nagano style acupuncture

Nagano Style Acupuncture

Who is Master Nagano? Master Kiyoshi Nagano was a blind acupuncturist from the mid to late 20th century in Japan. His study of the classics and western medicine led to the development of his unique style. This was outside of many of the established styles of practice already popular in Japan. He utilised a highly …

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5 tips to enjoy the festive season with Chinese medicine

The festive season with Chinese Medicine

Ho Ho Ho! The festive season has snuck around again, bringing a flurry of celebrations with friends and family and the challenge of finding the perfect gift to express our sentiments towards loved ones. While we enjoy the festive season, applying Chinese Medicine‘s wisdom can help to balance the extremes of this period, keeping us …

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Chinese herbal medicine quality and safety

Chinese Herbal Medicine Quality Safety

Chinese herbal medicine quality and safety has recently come into the spotlight following a study circulating in the mainstream media. As a practitioner of Tian lineage herbal medicine, quality of herbs is an important issue for me. This study identified 26 TCM products containing unlisted ingredients, some of which may have a negative effect on health. …

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Acupuncture for natural pain relief

Acupuncture for Natural Pain Relief

Many people seek help from a practitioner of acupuncture for pain relief. The presence of pain causes distress and interferes with the ability to perform the activities we desire. According to Pain Australia, chronic pain affects the physical health of 20% of Australia’s population. An estimated 80% of sufferers not receiving adequate treatment. Pain may …

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The best way to optimise energy with 5 winter health tips

Winter Health Tips to Optimise Energy

Are you looking for some winter health tips to get you through the cold months? Here I discuss 5 tips from Chinese Medicine to help keep you in optimal health during winter. Winter in Chinese Medicine The yearly cycle is an interplay of Yin and Yang, each moving from dominance to obeisance and back again. …

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Injury Management and Chinese Medicine

Injury Management with Chinese Medicine

Injury Management RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) is a well-known first-line intervention for acute injuries. This has been the prevailing advice for many years, but this is now being questioned in the scientific literature. RICE has been the standard for a long time, though the person who coined the phrase, Gabe Mirkin, has since …

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Daylight savings, Chinese Medicine and your health

Daylight Savings with Chinese Medicine

Daylight savings has recently begun for another year. This signals for many the beginning of summer days, where the daylight lasts longer allowing us more time to enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening and exercise in the park. However moving the clocks forward into spring also means we have the feeling that we ‘lose’ an …

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What is the dantian? Why is lower dantian breathing important?

What is the Dantian

My business name is Dantian Health, hence I am often asked about the dantian. What is it? Why is it important? How can we strengthen it? What is the dantian? The dantian, often translated as elixir or cinnabar field, is a core energy centre of our body. A dantian is different from a chakra as …

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