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Chinese Herbal Medicine is a Natural Approach to Replenish and Revitalise

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Does your health prevent you from engaging in the activities you love?

Do you experience pain or low energy?

Do you feel a lack of health and vitality?

Reclaiming your health and restoring your vitality means returning balance to your body and lifestyle

Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation (value $25)*

Do you experience pain or struggle to find the energy for your busy schedule?
Is finding the time for relaxation difficult, leaving you feeling lethargic and stuck?
Would you like to find out how Chinese Medicine can help you reclaim your health and vitality?

You are invited to reach out and arrange a no-obligation, 15-minute phone call to discuss how Chinese Medicine can help you.

*(T&Cs – this complimentary consultation is only available to new clients)

Common reasons people consult a Chinese Herbalist for help may include (but are not limited to):

During your consultation, we apply the natural wisdom of Chinese Medicine to

Listen to you and your body to understand your symptom picture.

Identify the core dysfunction through in-depth pulse diagnosis.

Determine the best herbal formula to help manage your symptoms.

Find a path for you to return to optimal wellness and stay there.

What does it look like if you were to reconnect with a healthier way of life?


Hi, I’m Jason, a nationally registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. I am the owner and principal practitioner. Feel free to discover more about me.

I work primarily with Tian Family lineage Chinese Herbal Medicine. This style of herbal practice is based in the Classical Chinese herbal texts and is known as Jing Fang – Canonical Method.

To develop these skills I have undertaken extensive 4-year post-graduate training through ICEAM.

I hold a Diploma in Canonical Chinese Medicine including me in a small group of international practitioners inducted into this lineage.

This particular style of Chinese herbalism responds directly to your body’s signs. This helps determine the best herbal formula from the oldest Chinese Medicine texts

At Dantian Health’s Melbourne Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic, I provide a range of wellbeing services from the Chinese Medicine toolkit.

After an exploration of your health concerns, I prescribe individualised herbal granule formulas to help guide you towards reclaiming your health and restoring your vitality

Selecting the right herbalist for your health care is essential. If you have any questions prior to booking a consultation, please book a time to talk with me directly.

To discover what others have said about my Chinese herbal clinic, simply search Google for “Dantian Health”.

The study of Chinese herbs involves study at a bachelors degree level, with 4-5 contact years. The course includes developing an in-depth knowledge of the applications and qualities of Chinese herbs. It does though take many more years to become a true master of traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Not only are herbs viewed from a TCM perspective, but the pharmacological viewpoint is also studied. Traditional Chinese Medicine students also learn about both Western and Eastern medical models. Some herbalists choose to undergo postgraduate studies in specific styles (view previous section on my style).

Chinese herbalists are registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. This is a national body operating under AHPRA.

Minimum education and ongoing professional development commitments are criteria for registration. This ensures a level of professionalism and competence is upheld in the industry.

At Dantian Health I am registered as a Chinese Herbalist, Chinese herbal dispenser and Acupuncturist.

They are also able to join professional membership organisations like the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.

I provide health care utilising Chinese Herbal Medicine in Brunswick, VIC, just a short journey north of the Melbourne CBD area.

As a local Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner for the Moreland community, I welcome people from Melbourne’s northern suburbs including Brunswick, Carlton, Thornbury, Northcote, Coburg and Fitzroy as well as from throughout other areas of Melbourne.

Professional Associations


Member of Australia’s leading acupuncture and Chinese medicine association.


Nationally registered health practitioner with Chinese Medicine Board of Australia


Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine through ICEAM

How to reconnect with a healthier lifestyle


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We develop the best treatment plan for your individual concerns


You reconnect with your healthier lifestyle and reengage with the activities you love