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Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy, Melbourne Moxa clinic

Moxibustion is a Natural Approach to Restore Warmth and Revitalise Circulation

Moxibustion uses: reasons people book an appointment for moxibustion therapy

In our Melbourne acupuncture clinic, we apply the natural wisdom of Chinese Medicine to:

Hear your body’s expression of health imbalances

Understand where the lack of healthy warmth is creating your sub-optimal health

Determine the most appropriate way to use moxa as a form of heat therapy to reinvigorate your fire

Discover the best way for you to return to optimal health.

person holding a moxibustion stick over their hand to warm and invigorate circulation

What does it look like if you were to reconnect with a healthier way of life?

How to reconnect to a healthier lifestyle with moxibustion in Melbourne


Book your appointment online in just a few minutes 


We develop the best treatment plan for your individual concerns.


You reconnect with your healthier lifestyle and re-engage with the activities you love.

Do your muscles and joints feel stiff and sore in the cold weather?

Do you experience difficulties warming up and feel low in vital energy?

Does your circulation and pain get worse in winter?

Reclaiming your natural health and restoring your vitality means returning warmth and blood flow to your body and life


Who is the Moxibustionist at Dantian Health?

At Dantian Health Jason Chong is the primary practitioner. He is both a nationally registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner and constantly strives to provide you with the best moxibustion in Melbourne. Feel free to discover more about him.

What differentiates you from other Melbourne moxibustion therapists?

At Dantian Health, Jason has training in both Shiatsu and Japanese acupuncture techniques which feature the use of moxibustion.

He is a lecturer in moxibustion and is committed to deepening his skills and knowledge through continuing professional development in the field, including a year long certificate training in Japanese moxibustion techniques. This broadens his scope of knowledge and application beyond the simple use of a moxa stick as often utilised in traditional Chinese Medicine approaches.

Why should I come to Dantian Health for moxibustion?

Moxa therapy, the burning of mugwort herb on or near the skin, is especially a useful modality to use in the southern regions of Australia where the seasons and cold are more pronounced. Sometimes applied at the end of an acupuncture needle, sometimes used directly on or near acupuncture points, it helps the body relax and increase flow of blood and Qi.

At Dantian Health it often is incorporated in treatments, especially the colder months! The gentle warmth of moxa is able to penetrate deep into the body. It is often used to benefit conditions like painful arthritis and menstrual cramps.

We offer moxibustion therapy as an adjunct to acupuncture and massage sessions. I also offer 30min stand-alone moxa sessions.

How can I tell if Dantian Health is the right Moxibustion clinic for me?

Selecting the right health practitioner for you is important. If you have any questions around how moxibustion may help chronic pain or any other health concerns that you have, then you are welcome to make a time to talk with us directly.

To read what others have said about our clinic you can search Google for “Dantian Health ”.

What training do Moxibustion practitioners have?

Training to become an acupuncturist or shiatsu therapist often involves an introduction to moxibustion skills.

Skills may be further developed through supervised mentorship and continuing professional development courses.

What registrations do moxa practitioners hold?

In Japan, moxibustion is a separately licenced therapy from acupuncture. In Australia, we have no official qualifications or registration for moxa practitioners.

Where can I get treatment with moxibustion Melbourne

I provide treatments using Moxibustion in Collingwood.

I provide moxibustion therapy to the Yarra community, serving people from the northern Melbourne suburbs of Brunswick, Carlton, Parkville, Thornbury, Northcote, Clifton Hill, Fitzroy and beyond.

I offer appointments both during and outside of typical working hours.

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