Collingwood Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic

Dantian Health – Collingwood Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic

Reclaim your health and restore vitality with responsive, holistic health care

Do you experience chronic pain, affecting your health? Acupuncture and Chinese herbs offer a natural option for the management of your symptoms.

Dantian Health is a Collingwood Acupuncture and Chinese medical clinic, located inside Collingwood’s Second Story Studios. Our mission is to help you reduce pain, reclaim your health and restore your vitality to achieve a lifestyle with better flow.

This setting is a converted factory warehouse, with a range of workshops and course on offer throughout the week. It is located within the heart of Yarra , not far from the busy and vibrant cafes and shops of Smith St and relaxing Yarra river as it winds around the Abbotsford Convent.

Dantian Health is a holistic medical centre providing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to the Yarra community. We treat patients from the local surrounding suburbs of Fitzroy, Carlton., Northcote, Clifton Hill and Abbotsford. Of course, people requiring treatment from anywhere in Melbourne are welcome!

Daniel offers health-boosting acupressure head massage, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and the concept of Qi.

Sessions with an Experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner at our Collingwood Acupuncture Clinic are Exclusively by Appointment.

At Dantian Health, you’ll experience the unique benefits of gentle Nagano Japanese Style Acupuncture, a technique that’s been refined and perfected over our 10 years in practice.

If you’re struggling with sleep disorders or simply seeking a holistic path to healing, our special interest and expertise in this area mean we’re ideally suited to help you find balance and relief.

Our commitment to the traditional principles of Canonical Tian Lineage Chinese Herbal Medicine ensures that your treatment is rooted in age-old wisdom, providing a depth of care that goes beyond the surface.

Choose us for a truly traditional and holistic approach to your well-being, where every needle placement and herbal blend is tailored to your body’s needs.

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Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine clinic pricing.

As a registered Chinese Medicine doctor, private health fund rebates for acupuncture are available. Invoices are issued upon request to allow you to claim health fund rebates online for most health funds.

For Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Treatment sessions, Collingwood is easy to get to:

Find us at the Second Story Studios, 222A Johnston St, Collingwood

We are in Collingwood, just south of busy Alexandra Pde. If you are coming our way from the Fitzroy area, you will pass Smith St and the Tote as you travel along Johnston St towards the Abbotsford convent. Just before you reach Hoddle St we are within Second Story studios – the large warehouse building with a rainbow painted front facade.

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