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Cupping Therapy in Melbourne

Cupping is a Natural Approach to Relieve Pain and Restore Range of Motion

There are a wide range of health benefits of Cupping therapy

During your cupping treatment, we apply the natural wisdom of Chinese Massage to

Observe how your body’s tension is preventing healthy function

Understand the relationship between your interior and exterior health issues

Pick appropriate cupping strategies for your body to release muscle tension with comfortable deep tissue techniques

Create a pathway for you to return to optimal health

What does it look like if you were to reconnect with a healthier way of life?

Book Cupping Therapy in Melbourne to reconnect with a healthier lifestyle


Book an appointment for cupping online in just a few minutes 


We develop the best treatment plan for your individual concerns.


You reconnect with your healthier lifestyle and re-engage with the activities you love.

Do you have a sore tight muscle that just won’t let go?

Are there knots in your back causing you pain?

Are you seeking a natural remedy for a shoulder muscle that you feel just can’t relax?

Reclaiming your health and restoring your vitality means returning balance to your body and lifestyle


Who does cupping at Dantian Health?

At Dantian Health there are two practitioners, Jason Chong and Chee Yeoh. They are both a nationally registered Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and constantly strive to provide you with the best cupping therapy in Melbourne VIC. Feel free to discover more about them.

Why should I come to Dantian Health for cupping?

We use glass fire cupping or silicon cups to stretch the fascia (connective tissue) to encourage blood flow, the lymphatic system and help both pain and structural dysfunction throughout your body. We also offer other types of cupping such as wet cupping where appropriate.

Acupuncture and myofascial cupping are often used in treatment, left in place before or during needle retention. Commonly suction cups may be applied locally to the affected region. This is while needles are placed in distal locations. Combined, they work together to relieve muscle pain and restore health.

We offer Traditional Chinese Medicine cupping therapy as an adjunct to acupuncture or Oriental remedial massage appointments. We also offer a 30min stand-alone cupping massage appointments.

How can I tell if Dantian Health is the right cupping clinic for me?

Selecting the right natural therapies clinic for your health is imperative. If you have any questions around how a cupping session might help you, then please book online a time to talk with me directly.

To read what others have said about our clinic you can search Google for “Dantian Health”.

What training do cupping therapists have?

Training to become an acupuncture practitioner or shiatsu therapist often involves an introduction to cupping skills. Skills may be further developed through post-graduate professional development courses.

Jason is an experienced therapist who also runs Gua Sha and cupping courses in Melbourne through the Australian Shiatsu College and nationally in collaboration with ATMS. These workshops teach practitioners such as Remedial massage therapists how to integrate the use of glass cups on the skin to enhance their deep tissue massage work.

Who should not do cupping?

Whilst cupping can be utilised without harm on most people, there are a few health conditions where extra caution is required.

With proper training, a cupping therapist is able to understand the effects of cupping on blood circulation, to provide safe treatments for those with blood pressure issues or varicose veins. They will also be aware of where cups are applied to avoid issues where slipped discs, pregnancy or skin irritation is present.

Where is your Melbourne cupping clinic?

We provide Cupping treatments in Thornbury, Melbourne.

As local cupping practitioners for the Darebin community, we welcome people from throughout Melbourne’s northern suburbs including Brunswick, Carlton, Thornbury, Parkville Northcote, Coburg and Fitzroy and all over Melbourne.

We offer online booking for consultations during and after work hours.

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