Acupuncturist. Herbalist. Educator.

Hi, I’m Dr Jason Chong (Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine physician), the owner and principal practitioner at Dantian Health.

My Ikagai (purpose) is to positively impact the health of 100,000 people. Through Traditional East Asian Medical treatment, education and leadership my mission is to empower people into autonomy, self responsibility, and understanding around their health.

I have over 10 years of experience helping people reclaim their health and vitality.

Jason Chong White

Jason Chong

What do I do?

I work with you when your health is a barrier which prevents you from living the way you desire.

I use the wisdom of Chinese medicine to guide you on your journey towards better health and wellbeing. This involves utilising the modalities of acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbs.

Who do I do it for?

I work with people whose pain interferes with their ability to enjoy the activities they love.

Back pain, migraines, digestive and menstrual pain are some of the obstructions people face in achieving their health goals.

How do I do this?

The body has an amazing ability to self regulate and heal, the intention is to engage this.  

It reveals imbalances through subtle visual and textural signs. These imbalances prevent your body from returning to a state of wellness.

These same signals also provide clues to what treatment you need to change this.

My style of practice focuses on the observation of these subtle clues of imbalance. I do this through careful palpation of the pulse and body.

This allows for individualised treatment addressing the current state of your body.   These signals also allow me to track your body’s response to treatment.

My qualifications

Professional Associations


Member of Australia’s leading acupuncture and Chinese medicine association.


Nationally registered health practitioner with Chinese Medicine Board of Australia


Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine through ICEAM

My exploration of Oriental Medicine began by studying shiatsu whilst living in the Netherlands. This course was in Dutch, encouraging me to focus on the tactile aspects of the practice. Ultimately, this has become a core feature in my style of practice.  

On returning to Australia, I began pursuing formal qualifications in Oriental Medicine. My first step was to study a Certificate in Massage Therapy in my old home town Sydney.

Moving south to Melbourne, I enrolled in a course of Chinese Medicine study at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. This 5-year study resulted in the award of a Bachelor in Health Science (Chinese Medicine).

During this time I also completed Diplomas in Tuina and Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies.

I hold the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine)
  • Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine
  • Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies
  • Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage (An Mo Tui Na)
  • Certificate IV of Massage Therapy
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment

I have studied many styles of acupuncture practice. My primary focus is on the Nagano lineage of gentle Japanese acupuncture. This is through the tutelage of Shimamura Tsuyoshi Sensei and Kiiko Matsumoto Sensei. I have completed a four-year training program with Shimamura Sensei.

I have completed a 3 year training in the Tian family lineage of classical herbal medicine at ICEAM. Under the tutelage of Arnaud Versluys, I graduated with as a Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine.

I am also a director of the Australian Shiatsu College. I lecture in areas of Oriental Medicine theory, treatment application and diagnostic systems of Oriental Medicine.

I can provide health insurance rebates for most health funds, am a member of AACMA and a nationally registered health practitioner with AHPRA.

My background

I live in the Hurstbridge area, having recently moved away from the bustle of the inner city with my partner and young son.  The fresh air and semi-rural life are guiding me back to slowing down. I am reconnecting with the movement of the seasons as I observe the changes in our property.

I had an interest in entering the health profession from an early age. This was a path that took many years to come to fruition. It wasn’t until meditating on a Mexican beach over a decade ago, that the seed for my journey into Oriental Medicine was planted.  

My practice

Dantian Health opened as a Chinese Medicine and acupuncture clinic in 2014, after operating as a massage business for a few years prior. This first location was at the Australian Shiatsu College in Brunswick.

In late 2018 I opened a second venue in Yarrambat. This was to care for the community of the Diamond Valley in north-east Melbourne. This venue was closed mid–2019 as I made a decision to focus my energies at the shiatsu college. 

Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation (value $25)*

Do you experience pain or struggle to find the energy for your busy schedule?
Is finding the time for relaxation difficult, leaving you feeling lethargic and stuck?
Would you like to find out how Chinese Medicine can help you reclaim your health and vitality?

You are invited to reach out and arrange a no-obligation, 15-minute phone call to discuss how Chinese Medicine can help you.

*(T&Cs – this complimentary consultation is only available to new clients)

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