Unlocking the Power of Adaptogen Chinese Herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Adaptogens And Chinese Medicine

Imagine you’re struggling with stress and fatigue, and you turn to Chinese medicine for relief. You’re introduced to adaptogens, a group of herbs revered for their ability to help the body resist stressors of all kinds, physical, chemical, or biological. As you explore these natural remedies, you’ll find that adaptogens like Ginseng and Astragalus have been used for centuries to enhance stamina and resilience. …

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Respiratory Health With Chinese Medicine

Respiratory Health With Chinese Medicine

While you may be skeptical about alternative treatments, Chinese medicine offers a gentle, yet effective approach to improving your respiratory health. You’re seeking safe, natural remedies and Chinese medicine fits the bill, providing a holistic strategy that has supported wellness for centuries. With a focus on balancing your body’s energies, you’ll find herbs like ginseng …

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Uniting Ancient Wisdom and Modern Personality Psychology: Mapping the Five Shen of Chinese Medicine with The Big Five Personality Traits (OCEAN)

A serene blue ocean with gentle, white foamy waves that embody the tranquility and harmony, reminiscent of ancient wisdom.

The Five Shen of Chinese Medicine and The Big Five Personality Traits, also known as the OCEAN model, offer valuable insights into human consciousness and emotional well-being. Exploring the connections between these two systems can deepen our understanding of human behaviour, motivation, and emotions. This article will examine the relationship between the Five Shen of …

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What is Chinese Medicine?

What is Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine includes the modalities of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, dietary and exercise therapy. It offers a holistic and drug-free approach to managing men’s and women’s health. Chinese Medicine is not only a stand-alone system but also works very well alongside Western medicine and other modalities. More accurately though it is called East …

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Back Pain Treatment with Acupuncture, Does it Work?

Acupuncuture for Back Pain

Are you looking for back pain treatment in Melbourne to help you return to an active, pain-free and healthy life? Acupuncture is a natural health care option for the treatment of back pain to help you restore movement to your muscles and maintain healthy joints. At Dantian Health, acupuncture is often combined with other tools …

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Introduction to Zang Fu organ theory

Zang Fu Organ Theory

The ancient theory of zang-fu organ systems goes beyond just organs. It’s a dynamic system intricately linked to the five phases of transformation and the flow of vital substances. Each organ system has its own role to play in the grand scheme of things. They’re like cogs in a machine, each with their own unique …

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What are the five elements in Chinese Medicine?

Five Elements in Chinese Medicine

The Wu Xing, commonly known as the Five Elements are phases of movement or change. They describe stages of the constantly moving cycle between Yin and Yang. The Five Elements include Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

What is tongue diagnosis in Chinese Medicine?

Tongue diagnosis

For a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, tongue diagnosis is a fundamental diagnostic tool. The tongue reflects the material state of our body. Especially we can check the condition of blood and body fluids. It reveals information about the chronicity and severity of a particular pathology. We take the findings from the diagnosis of the tongue …

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How to prevent flu symptoms with Chinese medicine

Prevent flu symptoms

It is that time of year again when talk of the impending flu season surrounds us. We are told to take precautionary measures to protect ourselves and prevent flu symptoms. The media becomes filled with horror stories and fear campaigns, implying that the only way to stay alive and healthy is to be vaccinated against …

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5 tips to enjoy the festive season with Chinese medicine

The festive season with Chinese Medicine

Ho Ho Ho! The festive season has snuck around again, bringing a flurry of celebrations with friends and family and the challenge of finding the perfect gift to express our sentiments towards loved ones. While we enjoy the festive season, applying Chinese Medicine‘s wisdom can help to balance the extremes of this period, keeping us …

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The best way to optimise energy with 5 winter health tips

Winter Health Tips to Optimise Energy

Are you looking for some winter health tips to get you through the cold months? Here I discuss 5 tips from Chinese Medicine to help keep you in optimal health during winter. Winter in Chinese Medicine The yearly cycle is an interplay of Yin and Yang, each moving from dominance to obeisance and back again. …

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Injury Management and Chinese Medicine

Injury Management with Chinese Medicine

Injury Management RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) is a well-known first-line intervention for acute injuries. This has been the prevailing advice for many years, but this is now being questioned in the scientific literature. RICE has been the standard for a long time, though the person who coined the phrase, Gabe Mirkin, has since …

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Daylight savings, Chinese Medicine and your health

Daylight Savings with Chinese Medicine

Daylight savings has recently begun for another year. This signals for many the beginning of summer days, where the daylight lasts longer allowing us more time to enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening and exercise in the park. However moving the clocks forward into spring also means we have the feeling that we ‘lose’ an …

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What is the dantian? Why is lower dantian breathing important?

What Is The Dantian

My business name is Dantian Health, hence I am often asked about the dantian. What is it? Why is it important? How can we strengthen it? What is the dantian? The dantian, often translated as elixir or cinnabar field, is a core energy centre of our body. A dantian is different from a chakra as …

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