What is Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine includes the modalities of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, dietary and exercise therapy, offering a holistic and drug-free approach to managing men's and women's health.
Chinese medicine is a holistic system of health care that has a long history stemming back more than 2000 years.
In Chinese medicine it is understood that the body has a natural ability to respond to changes in its environment, externally and internally. However, the body can lose track of this ability due to influences that can affect our health such as the external climatic environment, ongoing mental and emotional stress, overwork, poor diet, lack of exercise, toxic overload and trauma.
Our body becomes unable to return to its happy homeostatic medium and disease arises as we cannot respond naturally to aggravating factors.
The symptoms of ill health and disease we experience, such as a migraine or back pain, are often a signal of a deeper disorder within the body. Treating these symptoms alone is like placing a sticker over the warning lights on your car's dashboard. The issue is no longer in your awareness, but underneath the trouble is still present.
Often we then continue to push on, resulting in further compounded damage as the underlying cause remains unaddressed.
The focus of Chinese medicine is to understand the context in which disease has arisen, as well as the root cause of disease, in order to restore your body's health and vitality that arises from having an abundant supply and uninterrupted flow of Qi (energy) and blood.
If your Qi and blood are deficient or not flowing freely, disease can arise as the body is not supported in its ability to harmonise your health and reduce disorders such as digestive, respiratory, gynaecological, skin, stress and headache complaints.
Qi is the energy that helps to nourish your body and manifest the fullest expression of your health and vitality, flowing throughout the body in what are known as the acupuncture channels.
Chinese medicine utilises many objective signs to determine your health such as the quality of your pulse and the appearance of your tongue and complexion, as well as the feel of your abdomen and the skin above the acupuncture channels.
These signs are taken into consideration, along with your history of current and past health issues, to determine the pattern of dysfunction which your body is displaying and the appropriate remedy such as Chinese herbs, acupuncture or massage to help resolve this pattern.
The ultimate goal of Chinese medicine treatments, once current health concerns are under control, is to equip you and your body with the resources to prevent illness occurring.
Chinese medicine is thus also employed as a preventative measure to ensure health, as exemplified in the old Chinese saying "to treat disease once it has occurred is like digging a well for water when you are already thirsty".
The profession is regulated in Australia by AHPRA, requiring registration of practitioners to ensure high levels of training and practice.
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