About Dantian Health

Jason Chong (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) is the owner and principal practitioner at Dantian Health. He is a qualified and registered acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and Shiatsu and Tuina practitioner.
Jason had an interest in entering the health profession from an early age but this was a path that took many years to come to fruition.
He relates well to people from many diverse cultures and backgrounds due to his experience in the hospitality industry and travels through Europe, Central and North America, and North Africa.
During Jason's travels his interest in healing took prime focus, leading to his return to Australia to study Chinese medicine. While completing these studies he also became qualified in massage and Shiatsu.
He strongly believes we all hold the potential to remedy our ailments within us and is excited about how Eastern medicine can help guide your body back to this ability.
He regularly practices Tai Chi and continues his professional development through ongoing study of Eastern medicine and healing arts.
In addition to his practice of Chinese medicine, Jason also teaches at the Australian Shiatsu College in Brunswick, Melbourne.


Jason can provide health insurance rebates for most health funds, is a member of AACMA and a nationally registered health practitioner with AHPRA.
He holds the following qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine)
  • Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine
  • Diploma of Oriental Remedial Massage (AnMo TuiNa)
  • Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies
  • Certificate IV of Massage Therapy
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Dantian Health details

    CMBA registration number: CMR0001867357
    Dantian Health ABN: 32038922558

    Professional Development

    In further pursuit of deepening knowledge and insight about Chinese medicine, Jason has also attended the following short courses as part of his professional development:
    Legacy of Master Nagano and New Developments in Kiiko Style Acupuncture
    Kiiko Matsumoto
    Ethics: How Western Values are Effecting the Practice of Chinese Medicine
    Paul Movessian
    Advanced Kiiko Style Acupuncture – Gynaecological, Digestive, Neurological, Pain and Structural conditions
    Monika Kobylecka
    The Best of Tung’s Magic Points
    Susan Johnston
    Foundations in Kiiko Style Acupuncture
    Monika Kobylecka
    Jing Luo Holographic Microsystem and Mirror X Therapy
    Daniel Deng
    Advanced Japanese Moxibustion
    Paul Movessian
    Qin Bo Wei New Guidelines for Treatment
    Jason Black
    Acupuncture 123, Introduction to Global Balance, Meridian Conversion Therapy, 12 Magical Point Strategy
    Dr Richard Tan
    Maximizing the Efficacy of Granules & Farm to Pharmacy
    Eric Brand
    Essential Aspects of Women’s Physiology and Pathology
    Elisabeth Rochat De La Vale
    Chinese Medicine Pearls – Urticaria, Eczema, Psoriasis- Classic Formulas and Topical applications
    Professor Wang Ping
    Fukushin in Modern Practice
    Nigel Dawes
    The Treatment of Lingering Pathogens
    Will Maclean
    Opening to the Source (Text and Touch in Chinese Medicine)
    Charles Chase
    Big Formulas and the Big Ideas Behind Them (series)
    Will Maclean
    Five Element Acupuncture Training
    Gye Bennetts
    Japanese Meridian Therapy, Japanese Abdominal Palpation Diagnosis, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels
    Stephen Birch
    Chinese Medicine Pearls – Diabetes and Associated Complications
    Professor Zho Jin Xi
    Channel Palpation and Diagnosis
    Jason Robertson
    Consultations with the Dantian Health Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic in Brunswick are exclusively by appointment
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